I got burned out with trying to obtain things to blog about seemly our days didn’t change regularly. A side note, blogging is really hard work. Along with, I came to grips that I am NOT a writer. I put way to much thought into it (more than it was worth). I guess I could’ve done the video blogging since that’s popular these days, but who wants to see acne on my face (Can’t seem to lay off the cokes) and five teeth in my mouth, looking like a train jumping tracks. Video blogging was and is for now out the question.

I can’t get Justin to walk much, to do my all time favorite, every woman’s hang up-SHOPPING! He can smell Target miles away😆. No lie! I couldn’t talk about Justin Meltdowns every day. Who wants to hear about my autistic / blind son screaming from 2 minuets to 2 hours, nonstop? 😫 Oh and I didn’t know the  ropes of blogging to lie about what I was doing, in reality I’m doing absolutely nothing. Giving you guys false hope like I have it going on. When indeed I’m sitting around waiting for midnight to hit on Sundays so I can browse the Target ad of things I talk myself into needing. When the meltdowns hit more than you want to deal with, retail therapy is the only way out.

Then you, my readers go out and do what you thought I did or you go buy what you thought I bought. I’m that dumb liar that will tell you, “girl I’m out of town”, then ride pass your house 20 minutes later while you’re sitting outside, or post a picture of me in my kitchen on social media. Well, I was but people have the  tendency of growing you up real fast. Things you didn’t know, by the time they finish with you, you’ll feel fake ness before they open their mouth.

Maybe I should’ve been deceitful and plugged in false information on the blog so I could get 300 hits in an hour just to get Toms or Bucket-feet to allow me to advertise for them and Justin get shoes the rest of his life. Then you go out and buy the shoes only to find out there’re not a good fit for you. You’ll be walking like I was last weekend with my converse on with no socks. Walking with a cool limp! 😂

Since being a stay at home mom to Justin and homeschooling, it wasn’t much to say. He didn’t accomplish new milestones everyday. I must admit my handsome fella is super lazy, and to those of you that know him well he’s a bit spoil 🤷‍♀️. Did I do that?! I thought I could handle him being home everyday. 😫 And I dare not complain about how overwhelmed I am, to be reminded this was your decision remember? Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Really don’t know why I didn’t do it long before. Putting up with the  negative remarks each day I pick Justin up from school. He did this, he did that…he can’t, he can’t, he can’t!!!

You might ask, how has that been? Days cooped up in the house, doing whatever we wanted when we wanted. Homeschooling in pj’s is a winner. If you want to know what we’re learning. The basic, whatever that is. Justin not a academic student-if he was that would be a  disaster (I’m not what you call school material). My brain freezes at the thought of school work.

During this time while not blogging I also allowed people so call friends to creep in and take me off my focus. If people don’t add to your life, LET THEM GO! Raising a special needs child can sometimes make the worse Situation look good, because any form of love shown I was weak for it. I  literally got lost with these back stabbing crabs. I’m trying to go up and they pulling me down.

The one that matters the most is still and always will be right here

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God fearing, loving mother to an awesome young man. Enjoying what I do! Although I'm not the greatest teacher, however raising a child with special needs has given me more degrees than any college university you could think of.

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  1. Cthompson

    Hey,great to see you back focusing on what matters Justin and yourself and all that surrounds him/you. Remember even the moments that seem the most impossible are the most bless ones. I know if Justin could he wouldn’t pick to be blind and suffer from all the other sicknesses he has, but the love he has for his great mother is priceless. Good to see you back keep your head and good luck on the book


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