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This may seem a bit unstable to you considering I’ve blogged about back-to-school. Oh yea can’t fail to mention the school shopping and the awesome Pottery Barn backpack and lunch box which was purchased for this school year. However; I’ve made a life changing decision for Justin and myself. After reading countless articles, lots of prayer and thinking over the summer, we’ve embarked on a new and exciting journey! I’ve decided to homeschool Justin. Seemly I should’ve already done this but I figured a school setting would benefit both of us.

Last school year was one heck of a year. The daily fight was so draining and just down right mind boggling. Not having an IQ of a genius as most do, I thought what could be hard about teaching Justin.  What’s the curriculum you might ask – daily life skills. Still haven’t mastered potty training nor feeding himself, for as long as I need, devoting time to that.  Algebra, English, and Social Studies are not in the plan, so for now I GOT THIS! Yeah, I’m sure or almost certain that many people have negative comments to make or think; like, I’ve lost the little brain I have left 😃. I won’t allow the chatter in my ear stating”I told you so”.

I’m required to have much faith because this is surely a much needed journey where I will need the Lord.  No matter how strong I think I am there is still the fear of failing-truth being told. I was gripped with panic of the many thoughts going through my head:

What about the much needed me time? 😒 Trips to my favorite- Target, Starbucks, Kroger, Books-A-Million……

What’s going to happen when I’m burned out?

Am I keeping Justin too close? Shielding him from the things in which he can’t control.

Will I survive the daily meltdowns?

Just to mention a few.

There is a lighter side to homeschooling;

Being in the comfort of his own home. Work at Justin’s pace….

Don’t have to worry about gifts for teachers.

Holiday treats

School functions

Parent days

Homecoming court

IEP meetings

Only to be DISAPPOINTED!  All while caring for his medical needs, Dr’s appointments, the autism and blindness. Justin and I are asking that you keep us in your prayers and any advice that you may have; please feel free to comment.homeschool 011

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God fearing, loving mother to an awesome young man. Enjoying what I do! Although I'm not the greatest teacher, however raising a child with special needs has given me more degrees than any college university you could think of.

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  1. Cyndi

    What people seem to now understand is that you still have to follow a curriculum that would be set for him if he were in mainstream school and you also have to turn in reports, it is not as easy as people think, good luck to you and to Justin for this coming school year. It is your decision and not for anyone else to judge, we all do what is best for our kids and their particular needs.

  2. Cyndi

    Mary, I have been close to Homeschooling myself, so I understand where you are coming from.


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