This spring break was so much different from last year spending time on the beach. Spring break should be a time for; break from school, vacationing, staying up late, and sleeping in, a day at the park…….. Although, I don’t have to worry about ironing school uniforms or waking Justin up early, the routine of our daily life seems to be never ending. So much has happened in the last three weeks, which I didn’t even realize how fast spring break was approaching. This is so not like me! I am a planner and have my days pretty much mapped out. Tuesday being a rainy and nasty day, we didn’t have the ray of sunshine begging us to get outdoors. Now, it is already Wednesday and only a few days left before spring break is officially over. Although this doesn’t mean much to Justin, staying in only enables his social skills. We plan to go to a movie, dinner and possibly visit our local museum before Justin heads back to school. Be sure to keep reading, there will be pictures of our spring break outing 🙂

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God fearing, loving mother to an awesome young man. Enjoying what I do! Although I'm not the greatest teacher, however raising a child with special needs has given me more degrees than any college university you could think of.

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