The importance of a routine with Justin comes daily and this is because of the autism. A normal school day would consist of; awakening at 6 am, bathroom time, giving his medicine, fixing and feeding him breakfast as well as dressing Justin. I have given him the name “Can’t get right” because it literally takes him hours to gather himself. Although he can assist me with some of these morning task, trying to get him to help is a challenge. He mumbles under his breath “no mama” and sometimes the little guy evens stomps his feet at me! After all of these tasks are done, we head to the car for our morning commute to school. The commute gives Justin a little more time to prepare himself for the school day. It also gives me time to talk with Justin and to let him know that I am expecting a great day. After our talk, we do our little prayer.

I sometimes arrive at the school 30 minutes early. I make my way to Justin’s class for a brief chat about the day with his teachers. Once, this has been accomplished we are on our way to the car and back home. I dare not make a stop! Justin knows once we arrive home; coats are taken off, shoes off, and he sits on the couch and waits for his PediaSure. On yesterday, “what was I thinking?” I made the mistake of hanging our coats before I gave him milk. Wow! That five minute delay put Justin over the top for an hour.

Justin had 30 minutes of down time before bath, and dinner. After which, we worked on his fine motor skills with pulling and stacking of blocks for about an hour. By this time, Justin had his night medicine, growth hormone injection and a snack. Again, on yesterday a delay in feeding him the night snack turned his world upside down and inside and out.  I won’t do that again! The relevance of a clock doesn’t mean a thing to Justin. However; he is well aware of what is supposed to happen and when it is to happen. Snacks, dinner, medicine, bath and even the day set aside for haircuts are all a part of Justin’s routine. This is Autism Spectrum Disorder and it plays a great deal of importance on structure and routine for our autistic children.

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