I find it easy to fall prey to negative thinking for it brings anxiety, loss of energy and will certainly deprive you of the present moment. I spend hours and hours dwelling and being fearful of what might occur. I worry about what could go wrong with Justin’s day instead of focusing and paying attention to the positive, the encouraging and the good. A small positive thought could have the same affect and grow into a desired outcome.

On yesterday, starting my morning as I typically do, preparing myself before I wake Justin. I ease into the bedroom as not to disturb him just yet. Looking into the mirror, as I dash water on my face; my thoughts are, “is the bed soaked, is he feeling well enough for school, and what will breakfast be like for him (will he eat).”  I gradually wake him by rubbing his back or head, kissing him on the cheek and my words to him, “good morning son.” Not knowing his temperament I was giving the surprise of the morning. Justin arose with a smile and laughter. The joy I felt deep in my heart with each task of the morning being accompanied by more smiles and more laughter.  

On the arrival to school the jubilance that occurred at home continued. Walking down the hall he did his little dance (shaking his leg with each step) I called him Mr. Bo jangle. Justin’s approach with the secretary, not having a word to say or could say; however his actions and gestures spoke for itself. Having more bad days than good, a good day for him is an even better day for mom!


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God fearing, loving mother to an awesome young man. Enjoying what I do! Although I'm not the greatest teacher, however raising a child with special needs has given me more degrees than any college university you could think of.

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