The reality of it all, at this present moment Justin’s not  playing on my favorite basketball team or putting his life on the line like so many of our soldiers, fire fighters and police officers. He does have a right to be heard and to share with the world all the things he has overcome. Considering his disability the accomplishments made outweighs those listed above. He’s genuine, real, and heartfelt and most of all his love is pure because of his innocence. The thoughts that we have toward one another we will never really say, but as for Justin if he is feeling a certain way; he will definitely make it known. What’s more REAL than that?

 Don’t despair there’s a tremendous amount of joy raising or having the privilege to have someone so special in our lives. So, when I look at society I think of flaws, lies, misleaders, ignorance and there are so many more. However, when I think of Justin I think of rejection, exclusion, misunderstood, embarrassed of, and this saddens me. The truth of it all, what’s wrong with society? How can you be normal; when there is an amount of ignorance coming from you stereotyping this, “different not less child?”

I’ve always been told that teaching starts at home, although this may be true Justin’s Autism is teaching me. Autism has taught me patience, compassion, understanding, selflessness, and how to be carefree. My shortness, tiredness and selfishness has diminished because I’ve realized that God does not always give us what we think should be our American dream. There will be pain but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The path/journey may seem rocky but push on.

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God fearing, loving mother to an awesome young man. Enjoying what I do! Although I'm not the greatest teacher, however raising a child with special needs has given me more degrees than any college university you could think of.

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