Easter Sunday we attended church of course and Justin seemed to be very sleepy but his mood was good. I was so excited to have made it to church early enough to sit up close. Not that I wanted to LOL but it wouldn’t have looked good to skip six rows of empty chairs. Justin always sits in a bent over position as this is a part of the blindness as well as the sensory overload from loud music. Our church friends filled in chairs beside us and the thought of Justin’s behavior did not come to mind. After a while he decided to sit up and pull his shoes off, preceded to slide his feet on the chairs. I assumed that this was his way of worship and that he was enjoying our Pastor’s message. One of our members sitting next to us, Justin put both feet on her in his scooting position. She assured me that this was ok.

I’m very realistic about what may occur if I put up a fight to make him put his legs down. Which he wouldn’t understand, or I could threaten to leave if his behavior didn’t improve. That will back fire because guess what? It would be just what Justin wants. Success knows when to move and we did just that. I heard the message and the need to keep him quiet and contained were not needed. Just making it through service is great!  

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