When I say this was and is a humbling experience, I mean this from the bottom of my heart. This is truly a privilege for Justin and me to be on the front cover of an online magazine; which is published for helping parents with special needs children. As I’m on social media and come across the cover it hits me all over again. I never would have imagined that when I started my Blog and reaching out to the special needs community, this would happen. Yes, there were some who doubted me and tried to discourage me by not encouraging me! As each obstacle occurs I am reminded that my purpose is to reach as many as I possibly can with special needs.  This is an outstanding magazine with plenty of helpful information and I encourage you to subscribe.


About The Author

God fearing, loving mother to an awesome young man. Enjoying what I do! Although I'm not the greatest teacher, however raising a child with special needs has given me more degrees than any college university you could think of.

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