Costumes, candy, Halloween parties, trick-or- treating, carving pumpkins are all exciting opportunities. Kids can’t wait!

Taking all things into consideration about this holiday.

In spite of the fact, that even though I’m not a big fan of Halloween, more so because of my religious beliefs (We call it Harvest Fest). It’s up to me to set the tone for Halloween; surely I don’t want to limit Justin on any and everything, allowing him to form his own judgment in the future. Bear in mind he has Sensory Processing Disorder reasonably it wouldn’t make sense to influence the environment only to cause anxiety for something he doesn’t process.

In the words of Justin

Getting dressed up in this cheap, too little outfit causing me to walk around holding my pant legs up because I can’t stand things rubbing against my ankles as well as the back of my neck, and three-quarter length sleeves annoys me really bad. At the same time, going door to door, screaming trick-or- treat, holding this Halloween bucket you (Mom) paid for only to use once. Oh, and one more thing (Mom) gaining a few extra pounds because I don’t eat candy at all (can’t chew). So what’s the point? 🙂

Knowing Justin’s limits

I’ll push him to chance anything once, to step out of not just his comfort zone but mine as well. Holidays can be exhausting for children with disabilities likewise parents and caregivers. You feel that you’re failing? I’ve been there. I want him to experience the joy of holidays that any other child participates in; however the sooner we realize that it’s not that big of a DEAL the better life will be.

What a surprise!

The best part of this Halloween is this beautiful pumpkin my niece painted in honor of her cousin Justin. She did a superb job! Looks like an upcoming artist to me. 🙂 Thanks Ariel

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