I was reluctant about Justin taking this trip to the zoo with his school due to the amount of walking, the many sounds of the animals and taking him out of his comfort zone. I was informed on Friday by his teacher that this trip would take place on today. Although school trips are fun they also help Justin learn things outside of his regular environment. There are challenges that come with any field trip or outing. Being mother’s day weekend of course we were very busy with family, putting me at a disadvantage of being better prepared.  However; I did gather a few things in which I knew he would need (pediaSure, nutri-gran bar, juice, wipes etc.) A no brainer is what it actually was!

Justin has the advantage that most special need children don’t have (a stay-at-home-mom). He didn’t have to board the bus with his other classmates; he was able to take the trip with me. Nor did he have to walk like the other children because Mom got him a wheel chair. I’m almost certain this was perfect for him:-). After touring the zoo, having lunch with only one meltdown, as I reflect back on today, it was a GOOD DAY!

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