Yeah, ya’ll might laugh and then some may agree but my Autistic son took me on the best date I’ve ever had. It’s really hard to make plans with Justin so I truly considered this a privilege. Justin’s temperament was just right with no distractions to cause a meltdown and I count it all joy. The date consisted of a movie and dinner. Once we got into the theater the surround sound was LOUD! I took a deep breath and looked at Justin because I just knew it was coming (meltdown). Half way through the movie I was the one ready to go because I was so hungry.  My sister had some candy and when she opened it, Justin’s mouth flew open because he associated that sound of the paper with his nutria-grain bar 🙂

Movie over, yayy we made it! So, off we go to dinner and that was a breeze. Sitting at the dinner table my sister and I discussed maybe browsing a few stores afterwards. Of course we had to pretty much spell this conversation out. Believe it or not Justin is well aware of the words shopping and store. We decided to take a look in JcPenney, after finding the items we needed within ten minutes the squealing started. If Justin could tell me, “Mom don’t push your luck.”  I love to talk and while conversing with the store clerk, the squealing got louder and louder. My sister decided to take Justin to the car; once she opened the door he was all SMILES! Mission accomplished. It didn’t dawn on me when we arrived home that it was still daylight, although it was the best date ever it was also the shortest date.

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