I want to give my parents and caregivers of our autistic children a little laughter on today; after all laughter is certainly good for the soul. Oh what fun we have with Justin! He’s a really cool kid and if allowed the space, he can also be affectionate. Maybe some parents have a hard time seeing this in their autistic child/children, but it’s the same sheet of music. There is on the other hand a challenge where crowds and social interaction with strangers is definitely not Justin’s thing.

Although he’s not aware of his unique character, he gives me laughter. I’m going about my day, preparing Justin’s dinner and hear what I thought was my phone vibrating. I run to the bedroom, look at my phone only to see, I had no missed calls or even a text message. ”I just know I’m not crazy!” So, I proceed on cooking. This happened a few times before I realized it was Justin. 🙂 My sister comes home from work, she’s next to my bedroom, hear vibration and yells ”Mary someone is calling you!” I didn’t move. After making visual contact with her, she ask, did you hear me? My response was,” it wasn’t my phone, that’s Justin.” Tracey was so amazed of how he can mimic the vibration of a cell phone. This is just one example of how funny Justin can be.




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