After being home almost a week and a half due to weather and not feeling well. Justin’s first day back at school, I was called about 2 pm stating that he wasn’t feeling the best. I informed his teacher after arriving that I would keep him home on Friday. Friday morning Justin awakes and just doesn’t seem to be feeling quite right. 9 am I decided that it was time to pay the ER a visit just to make sure nothing major was going on. So, I got dressed, truck warmed, packed and was ready to leave the house; when I saw that Justin was not able to walk. He was bent over and acted as though he was in so much pain. I was home alone and could not carry him to the truck; my only option was to call the paramedics. Thank God his blood sugar did not drop, because it took the paramedics all of 35 minutes to arrive.

Once we arrived the usual questions about what has been going on and after I inform the Doctor’s of his not being able to walk, they ordered an x-ray of the abdomen. It was quickly revealed through the x-rays that he was badly bagged up. I totally get what you must be thinking, constipation? What’s the big deal? Well, for Justin that is a big deal; with all of his medical conditions being constipated does not help. I’m thinking ok he’ll be given something to help and then we can head home. Uh oh, that was not the case! The Doctor came in and told me that Justin would have to be admitted. I wanted to cry 🙁

6 pm we finally arrived to our room, settled in for what I thought would be an easy ride and one night stay. They ordered for Justin to have milk of magnesia and mineral lax, which was given from Friday evening until Saturday and still no relief. After which the talk of putting a tube down his nose to administer Goltely all I could say was, “Oh Lord, help us!” About 10:30pm the tube was placed in with the help of me and four nurses to hold Justin down. I explained that he is very strong, and suggested that we wrap him in a sheet with both hands placed by his side.  Yeah, I know that sounds cruel right? It was best for the protection of Justin and us to do this. Tube placed in lovely and the tape was about to be positioned so that the tube would not be moved. We were not expecting what was about to happen. Justin reached up and pulled the tube all the way out. One can imagine the look on our faces! The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

The struggle begins one more time. After the tube was successfully placed again, I worried that he would pull it out for a second time. One of the nurses suggests putting baby diapers on each hand. Cool idea and it worked! There were meds running all night through the nose tube, it sounded like a sewing machine. The nurse informed me that he was started out slow with the meds and came in about every thirty minutes adding more meds all night. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  When his morning nurse started her shift I stated to her; I had been awake all night praying for a miracle. Her reply was, “I prayed as well for him.”

Sunday morning about 8 am, the Doctor came in and stated, “I heard we had no success overnight.” The look on her face was not one that I wanted to neither see nor hear the words that came out of her mouth. There was one more option which was surgery. I was so devastated at the thought of surgery as well as Justin not being able to use it. I came so close to asking if I could just take my baby home. The Doctor couldn’t close the door good before I noticed Justin being really red in the face. I raised the cover off him and discovered he was being relieved. I called the nurse for help because boy did I need it. All I could say was, “Lord I thank you!” What a relief, we were well on our way to going home.

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God fearing, loving mother to an awesome young man. Enjoying what I do! Although I'm not the greatest teacher, however raising a child with special needs has given me more degrees than any college university you could think of.

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  1. Eric

    It takes cheer determination and patience to have a child with the subnormal way he lives his life. And his mother’s love for him is full of style and grace as an ox


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