Mary Bates_061_2-M

Mary Bates is a dedicated mother of a very special son, Justin who is not only Autistic but he is also blind. However, out of the multiple disabilities Justin has, Autism is the most challenging disability for Mary. Mary resides in Mississippi, in a small town with her son, sister and Abby their Lab. She loves spending time with Justin and learning as much as she can about Autism; as well as creative ideas and ways to communicate with Justin. When asked how she takes care of a son with multiple disabilities, her reply would be, “that God has in trusted me with Justin and if God did not think that I would give him the best of care, I do not believe He would have given Justin to me.”
Mary has to be Justin’s voice and speak his unspoken words. She is also dedicated to helping others that may be parents or caregivers for Autistic children; for she believes that they need a voice and someone to speak the words as well for them. After twelve years of caring, loving, fighting and speaking for Justin she has decided to help others with the same fight for their autistic child/children. She knows what it is like to handle a day-to-day life of a special needs child and has created this blog so that some of the things she is facing will be of great help to parents and caregivers alike.

-Mary & Justin