As much as I enjoy blogging about Justin or even talking about him daily this is certainly the most heartfelt post I’ll ever write. Permit me to take my special needs parents, single parents, or you, you and yes you, to a place we are likely to ignore for the sake of our child/children or life even though we give it everyday. Perhaps maybe just maybe we’ve been broken for a very long time, with a feeling of hopelessness. Wow! What better time to talk about this with the upcoming holiday this weekend.“Valentine’s Day” Let’s talk about LOVE! I realized I deserve to be loved even as a special needs mom and so do you. What better person to be loved right? Well, for most of us this doesn’t come easy and surely don’t happen over night. It starts with you! Learn to love yourself before you love anyone else. I thought as long as I have Justin I’m OK, favorably I am, but it doesn’t compare to loving the opposite attract. Please don’t deceive yourself! 😉

       Love is like witnessing a miracle everyday

Unavoidable circumstances will occur, just don’t lose sight of what’s most important,”The need to love and to be loved”. The best part about it, Love don’t cost a thing! It’s easy to love someone that understands your struggle or even be apart of something great(your special needs child). Someone that understands your need to laugh, smile, or cry….Someone you can draw strength from. However finding love without a hidden agenda don’t come easy, and takes a very wise person to be able to distinguish. When it happens you will know without a doubt, along with it feels so good! I sound like I’m dating right or have it all together? Well my friends, neither is the case, but after years of disappointments, and a few bought lessons, I CAN’T TAKE LESS THAN WHAT I GIVE, MIND BODY AND SPIRIT. Extraordinary love is not measured, it just gives!

Before we get caught up in buying roses, candy, teddy bears, rings….let’s think about what love really mean. Fellas, I’m not telling you not to show your lady love. Love is sweeter than any box of chocolates you could ever receive. Are we moved by the romantic words whispered that only he/she just said to someone else? For us ladies, he tells us we’re just right for him, when indeed we look like a busted can of biscuits in that outfit😀. Oh not to mention we are moved by his patients to wait for us, and mistake that for love. No baby, that’s game…..So when we’ve belittled ourselves being desperate we take away his choices to respect and love us like we rightfully deserve. So now I’ll ask, what’s next?

Love is like wind, you can feel the effects of it

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God fearing, loving mother to an awesome young man. Enjoying what I do! Although I'm not the greatest teacher, however raising a child with special needs has given me more degrees than any college university you could think of.

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